Creativity = freedom              freedom = creativity

Without judgment, good or bad = freedom

Your impulse following, here and now = freedom

Risktaking, let go = freedom

Creativity is to use options.

I played as a child, I ran, hid in bushes and came out or was found. I picked from nature,
apples, pears, berries, leaves. I went with tufts pluckes clover along the doors. Saw
caterpillars, worms and ants. Felt the wind throught my hair, the rain on my body. I felt
with my hands in the water and the sand. Made, flooded. I saw the death of a bird with
maggots. The caterpillars that are as fluff batconies make an. I saw the innocence of a
young cat I could get from the shelter and I called Gijsje. I felt my body move powerful,
shapes, energetic. Up and over the climbing frame, motion and balance. I felt the greatness
of the air, the trees, the night, the storm, but also the greatness of that which was so small
and close. I felt connected.

I am 50 years now, I feel still that girl.

Throught my books and courses I hope to encourage you in your play, stream and
creativity. Creativity lies not in what you already know but an eye for new, for what may
be found, that what you create.

Health and growth have a connection with creativity. They are important helpers in a
healthy and fertile life.


When you look with new eyes at your work, there is always new. Your image gives
always new information, technical, substantive or in personal terms. Your image runs
for your consciousness. The title IMAGE IN SIGHT stands for that.

Irene van der Wolf, artist, teacher, gestalt-ART therapist/trainer